Industry / Application

5G Fixed Wireless Access

5G networks set new standards for high speed, wide bandwidth, and low latency wireless connections.  5G technology will underpin the next leap forward for our intelligent world, where people, vehicles, homes and devices are fully connected, delivering new experiences, capabilities, and insights. 

SWR Technology is skilled at providing custom-designed solutions in mid-range wireless power to best fit 5G customer requirements and/or challenges. 

We provide complete 5G Customer Premise Equipment (CPE) solutions and offer PDU (Power and Data Unit) for custom 5G applications. 

Healthcare/Medical Device

Portable smart devices keep us connected and enable us to access information anytime, anywhere. The healthcare industry has also embraced connected technology in the form of medical wearables and portable devices. These devices offer accurate real-time monitoring, diagnosis and tailored treatment of conditions such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

Using our mid-distance wireless power solution, medical professionals can enjoy more flexibility and freedom without worrying about physical wire issues or battery charging.  

Access Control/Smart Lock

With increasing demands from IoT users and skyrocketing mobility device usage, IoT device portability and easy, simple power management are quickly escalating in importance. At SWR Technology, we've developed a wireless power solution that can eliminate the wired power typically used for smart locks and safes inside hotels.

A constant supply of power is necessary for certain true access control devices, and going battery-free is extremely advantageous compared to various battery-operated "wire-free" security options. With SWR Technology, a wireless power solution is readily available to meet your goals.

Retail / Electronic Label

Facing fierce price competition, retailers and product manufacturers are constantly looking for new ways to increase profitability. This can be done by boosting sales volume, increasing advertising revenue, reducing operating costs, and minimizing inventory distortion.  These goals can be met through the usage of micro-digital signage (MDS) or Electronic Shelf Labels (ESL) to place advertising and product information on small digital screens mounted on store shelves—the point-of-decision for consumers.

Using SWR Technology, you can easily resolve battery-powered methods in tiny electronic labels and simultaneously handle large amounts of MDS or ESL in reachable areas.

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