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Previous Events


SWR Technology exhibited at NSWC's Industry Day 2022 demonstrating wireless power through seawater to a floating and rotating platform.


SWR Technology presented and exhibited at the 2021 TechConnect World Innovation Conference & Expo in Washington, DC.  SWR was recognized with the TechConnect National Innovation Award.

SWR Technology presented to NASA chief technologists about SWR's wireless power technology during NASA iTech Ignite the Night: Las Vegas 2020.

SWR Technology exhibited at CES 2020 in Las Vegas, NV, USA, providing a firsthand experience of true freedom with wireless power.

SWR Technology exhibited at IDTechEx Show! 2019 in Santa Clara, CA, USA, providing an interactive wireless power demonstration, surprising attendees on the extent of flexibility and distance that can be achieved with SWR Technology.

SWR Technology exhibited its wireless power solution through low-e glass at TechCrunch Disrupt San Francisco 2019.


SWR Technology presented its 3-in-1 wireless power, data, and management solution for large scale AIoT device deployment in the ITRI 2019 Wireless Power Workshop.

SWR Technology's paper is published in the IEEE MTT-S Wireless Power Transfer Conference (WPTC) for Wireless Power Week 2019 in London.  SWR has successfully demonstrated high efficiency (>80%) wireless power delivery through low-e windows.

SWR Technology was selected to join the Global Entrepreneurship Summit (GES) 2019.  Co-hosted by the governments of the Netherlands and the United States, the Summit provides the opportunity to build business environments and policy frameworks to support entrepreneurs and innovation.

IoT World_logo_460.png

SWR Technology exhibited at IoT World Conference and Expo 2019 at the Santa Clara Convention Center in CA, demonstrating A Smarter Way to Power Smart Devices, delivering power through barriers and empowering smart cities.  Videos of the demonstrations shown at the expo:


SWR Technology presents at the Plug and Play Spring Summit 2019 in Sunnyvale, CA, providing information on the through-barrier and weatherproofing product solutions.


MaxLinear and SWR Technology announced Through-Window Wireless Solution for 5G mmWave Fixed Wireless Broadband Access at MWC19 in Barcelona.  Model 2122N was on display and is recognized in the 5G ecosystem as the smallest wireless power solution.


SWR Technology presented at the Taiwan Stream Alliance in July 2018 on wireless power as an environmentally friendly alternative to batteries.  Please see the video below for a robot operating without batteries.

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