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Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG)


At SWR Technology, we are passionate for the highest standards of stewardship of our environment and natural resources, we are committed to treating our customers, partners, suppliers, and members of our community with integrity and authenticity, and we are dedicated to the management of risk through our policies and practices.  Our products and projects reflect our corporate values and our commitment to the principles of ESG.

With the development of high-efficiency power electronics, electric vehicles (EVs) can further reduce the carbon footprint for transportation with less energy wasted as heat.  Battery life can be extended through efficient utilization of stored energy, and less material is needed to address the thermal dissipation, all which have environmental benefits.


The Inspire™ 5G Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) solution from SWR Technology provides a self-installable Customer Premise Equipment (CPE) for high-speed Internet access, eliminating the need for dispatching a technician and equipment truck, thereby reducing travel and saving the equivalent carbon emissions of 5000 people each year.  Creating holes in insulating walls or ceilings are avoided, resulting in greater home energy efficiency.  By reducing the deployment cost of high-speed Internet access, more customers can be serviced to reduce the digital divide.

The Wireless USB Power Adapter (WUPA™) enables the placement of USB power ports in places that are hard to access with a power cord.  Damage to countertops can be avoided with no drilling or other modifications, which results in a longer usable life for the material and does not require the use of a contractor to travel to the site to assist with the installation.

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