The Smarter Way to Power Smart Devices

Empower the Smart City

Delivering Power Through Barriers

  •  Delivers 65W of weatherproof wireless power through low-e windows

  • Built-in device health remote monitoring

  • Ease of integration with smart speakers, security cameras, video door bells and other CPEs 

Speed up 5G Deployment

  •  Power through low-e windows without breaking them

  • Safe and convenient installation with no grounding required

  • Small form factor wireless power solution delivering 35W 

SWR Technology Inc. is an innovative Mid-Distance Wireless Power solution provider for smart devices in the AIoT world. Our technology reduces battery usage for better care of the environment and changes the paradigm of how power is delivered in commercial, industrial, or consumer applications.

See the demonstration of SWR Technology's wireless power modules at TechCrunch Disrupt San Francisco 2019 below.

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