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The Smarter Way to Power the Future

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Empower the Smart City

Delivering Power and Data Through Barriers

  • Compact 65W module for weatherproof wireless power through low-e windows

  • 1000W module for industrial and commercial applications

  • 2Gbps high-speed data transfer

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Speed up 5G Deployment

  • Power through low-e windows without damaging them

  • Safe and convenient installation with no grounding required

  • Small form factor wireless power solution delivering 35W

SWR Technology Inc. is an innovative solution provider with core technology in high efficiency, high density power electronics, wireless power delivery, and high speed data electronics.  SWR's patented technology enables novel wireless power and data transfer for automotive, smart devices, and industrial applications. 

See the demonstration of SWR Technology's wireless power modules at TechCrunch Disrupt San Francisco below.

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